Featured Items

Featured Items


Malaysian Beef Satay

FG #: 13099050

K1510 Malaysian Beef Satay

Tender sirloin is marinated in a blend of chili paste, coconut milk, and red Thai curry, with subtle hints of ginger. Each satay is then hand-threaded on a unique 6″ knotted bamboo skewer.

(0.80 oz / 100 ct)

Chicken Satay

FG #: 13099051

K240 Chicken Satay

Chicken tenderloin meat on a 6″ skewer. Delicious plain or with your favorite sauce.

(0.80 oz / 100 ct)

Thai Chicken Satay

FG #: 13099052

K2409 Thai Brand Chicken Satay

Chicken tenderloin marinated in a delicious blend of fresh peanuts and Thai spices on a 6 inch skewer.

(0.80 oz / 100 ct)

Mediterranean Antipasto Skewer

FG #: 13099053

K4060 Mediterranean Antipasto Skewer

Fire roasted tomatoes, accompanied by the subtle flavors of Kalamata olives, fresh mozzarella, and marinated artichoke heart, are artistically placed on a 6” skewer for a visually impressive presentation.

(0.95 oz / 100 ct)

Mini Quiche

FG #: 13099054

K466 Mini Quiche Assorted

Four delicious varieties: Three Cheese, Florentine, Classic French & Mushroom.

(1.0 oz / 200 ct)

Coney Island Dog

FG #: 13099055

K702 Coney Island Dog

A mouth watering Vienna Beef cocktail frank topped with a tangy mix of yellow mustard and sauerkraut wrapped in a decadently sweet croissant pastry.

(0.90 oz / 100 ct)

Vegetable Empanada

FG #: 13099056

K716 Vegetable Empanada

Onions, eggplant, peppers, sundried tomatoes, black beans, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese in a jalapeno and cheddar cheese flavored dough.

(1.0 oz / 100 ct)

Mini Beef Wellington

FG #: 13099057

K725 Mini Beef Wellington

A savory piece of beef tenderloin accented with mushroom duxelle wrapped in a French-style puff pastry.

(1.20 oz / 200 ct)


FG #: 13099058

K730 Spanakopita

A flaky triangle phyllo pastry filled with spinach, zesty feta cheese and tantalizing spices.

(0.70 oz / 200 ct)

Wild Mushroom Purse

FG #: 13099059

K751 Wild Mushroom Purse

Portobello, Cremini, Shiitake, Oyster and Button mushrooms blended with savory seasonings and a hint of brandy in a buttery phyllo purse.

(0.70 oz / 100 ct)

Chicken Quesadilla

FG #: 13099060

K765 Chicken Quesadilla

A spicy blend of smoked chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, peppers and fresh cilantro rolled in a flour tortilla trumpet.

(0.70 oz / 200 ct)

Tuscan Fontina Bites

FG #: 13099061

K813 Tuscan Fontina Bites

A creamy fontina and sundried tomato blend enveloped in a moist chicken breast strip and coated with an herb seasoned breading.

(1.0 oz / 100 ct)

Parmesan Artichoke Heart

FG #: 13099062

K815 Parmesan Artichoke Heart

Quartered artichoke hearts topped with goat cheese, battered and rolled in a parmesan breading.

(1.0 oz / 200 ct)

Breaded Parmesan Stuffed Peppadew

FG #: 13099063

K8156 Breaded Parmesan Stuffed Peppadew

A sweet, vibrant Peppadew pepper, stuffed with a creamy blend of goat and cream cheeses, rolled in an aromatic medley of parmesan cheese and herbed bread crumbs.

(0.55 oz / 200 ct)

Cirspy Asiago Asparagus

FG #: 13099064

K8608 Crispy Asiago Asparagus

A fresh asparagus spear, accompanied with savory asiago cheese, hand wrapped in crisp buttery phyllo, and finished with a light dusting of kataifi.

(0.45 oz / 200 ct)

Vegetable Springroll

FG #: 13099065

K866 Vegetable Springroll

A colorful mixture of Chinese vegetables tossed with soy sauce, sesame oil and a touch of fresh ginger wrapped in a springroll wrapper.

(1.15 oz / 200 ct)


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